Cookie Survival Kits are the perfect care package gift for family, friends, co-workers, and students! Choose your favorite cookie kit for parties, as a gift to support those you love through unique times - studying for exams, moving, work, retirement, injury or illness, college students living away from home, kids going to camp – or just because! With customizable messages, these Cookie Survival Kits are designed suit any special occasion.

SK2 - Survival Kit
Survival Kit
as Shown $53.54
SK5 - Stuck At Home Survival Kit
Stuck At Home Survival Kit
as Shown $66.99
SK512 - ConGRADulations Emojis Survival Kit
ConGRADulations Emojis Survival Kit
as Shown $66.99
SK511 - Keep Smiling Survival Kit
Keep Smiling Survival Kit
as Shown $66.99